LiveCube, our custom software, is a powerful e-commerce platform, designed to streamline online sales, internal processes, distribution, and fulfilment and seamlessly integrate with ERP, POS, accounting, and warehouse management systems.

LiveCube automatically calculates GST and integrates with Australia’s leading distribution channels, including Australia Post and comparison shopping networks. Unlike many global e-commerce solutions, LiveCube is customised for the Australian market, it is fully customisable, and has multistore functionality.

Based on the latest Microsoft technology, LiveCube is fast, secure, scalable, and includes many functions needed in this fast-moving eCommerce world, ready to evolve and push boundaries.

LiveCube provides solutions for stand-alone, pure play online stores, for brick and mortar retailers looking to become multichannel retailers, and for wholesalers or manufacturers looking to streamline orders from resellers and dealers.

Whatever your online store requirements, there is a LiveCube product to suit.