Google’s Most Notable Algorithm Changes – a visual history

Google’s algorithm (the way in which it determines what sites rank higher than others) is made up of over 200 different factors or ‘signals’, and this algorithm often changes more than twice a day! The team over at have put together a graphic outlining when and why Google has rolled out its more notable algorithm changes…

Google Remarketing – What Is It?

An innovative approach to advertising on Google’s display network, Remarketing allows an advertiser to display a series of adverts to ‘follow’ a user around the internet. This makes it an effective retention tool as it aims to keep your brand top of mind.

Google Shopping has landed

The arrival of this product search engine into the Australian marketplace could dramatically change the way that users shop online. Instead of having to visit a number of different retailers’ websites to shop around for the best product or best price, the ‘Shopping’ tab within Google takes away a lot of the hard work.

Google lets it’s Panda loose in Australia

Contrary to what you may have first thought, the Google ‘Panda’ update has nothing to do with black and white fluffy things that have a penchant for bamboo. It actually relates to the recent algorithm update that has been rolled out in all English speaking countries in late February 2011.