Mobile Marketing

Guest contributor Ivan Serrano shares with us the importance of mobile marketing through an infographic.

Cross Channel Marketing Tips – TV Advertising & Mobile-Optimised Websites

As consumers, we’ve all been there – sitting in front of the television in the evening, an ad appears talking about “50% off our range of Product ABC, available at all of our stores nationally tomorrow only!” Not wanting to go and boot up the PC, or grab the laptop, you reach for your trusty smartphone. You look up the company, keen to know what time they’ll be open tomorrow and where your closest branch is…..

Responsive Web Design for SEO

A hot topic in web design the world over is ‘Responsive Design‘.  But what does this mean? Short answer is that it means that your website is designed and coded …

Why you need a mobile website

The thriving smartphone market is affecting businesses in more ways than first thought. With the recent release of the highly-anticipated iPhone 4, and the continued discussion around other android handsets – mobiles are no longer just for texting and talking.