Mobile marketing

In this post we’re welcoming guest contributor Ivan Serrano:

The mobile days are far from over, even in this age of constantly-shifting technology, where one device is replaced by a newer, better one practically overnight. Big, colourful PC computers were replaced by sleek laptops, landlines by cellphones, fat television sets bearing long antennas with two-inch-wide screens. But mobile devices have yet to be replaced by a newer device – in fact, devices are being replaced by mobile phones.

Almost everything can be done on a mobile phone these days. From navigating around the world, to shopping online – everything can be done right from one’s own hands. For companies looking to target clients and spread brand names, this means more than just setting up your social media accounts to be accessible from mobile phones; this means setting up your website to be versatile on any smartphone.

There’s no secret trick to making this work for every company. In fact, every company is different, and the way you target customers will vary from person to person. But with these helpful ideas in mind, the process should be a little smoother in getting down the mobile basics: