Google’s Trusted Stores

Google has recently introduced a ‘Trusted Stores’ program that online retailers can sign up to. We take a look at how stores get this accreditation, and what it means for buyers.

Consumer Psychology & the E-Commerce Checkout

Many E-Commerce store owners would wonder what’s behind the movements of their shoppers; what’s causing them to leave the site, or perhaps to abandon a shopping cart? This infographic looks at some very interesting statistics and the habits behind the shoppers’ clicks.

Do you Fancy showing a bit of Pinterest in Svpply? Three online mediums that e-tailers need to know about!

Roy Morgan’s recent State of the Nation report showed that “for the first time, Australians who don’t buy something online in an average three month period are in the minority”. But simply building an online store is not enough! Australian online retailers need to look at the different ways in which they can draw traffic to their sites. That’s where Pinterest, Fancy and Svpply come in. But what are they?

Maximising The Online Shopping Experience For Your Customers

While online shopping has brought with it many joys for me….. Unrestricted shopping hours, access to stores in other states or countries, and the quick browsing of a few sites for the cheapest price or some interesting reviews…. It also brings a few issues and frustrations.

A Word for Online Retailers

Staff working for the brand in question did their best to manage their online reputation by assuring shoppers that “IT is working on the problem” and that “the website will be back up shortly”. Unfortunately, as of 10.30pm last night I was still receiving errors as I tried to take advantage of the sale. 9am the following morning (today), a solid 24 hours after my first attempt, the website is still not functional, despite staff assuring everyone that things were “back up and working”.