GA4 – the newest generation analytics

GA4, the newest generation analytics tool set to be released July 2023, is designed to collect valuable event-based data from websites and apps without using third-party cookies.

Google created GA4 with the intention of optimum privacy, measurement, and automation.

GA4 has the flexibility to measure many different kinds of data, delivering a strong analytics experience that’s designed for the future. It allows businesses to see unified user journeys across their websites and apps, use Google’s machine learning technology to surface and predict new insights, and most importantly, it’s built to keep up with a changing ecosystem.

Google mentions that GA4 provides a “strong analytics experience that’s designed for the future. In today’s measurement landscape, businesses need to navigate new challenges to understand the complex, multi-platform journeys of their customers — all while prioritizing user privacy.”

Google Analytics is an online analytics platform designed to help people understand what’s happening on their websites and apps by collecting event-based data from them. This also helps marketers better understand trends within their customer base to direct future digital strategies.

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