eCommerce, sustainably

As online shopping rates remain high due to the impacts of COVID-19, sustainability is more important to Australian consumers than ever before, with 63% stating they would pay extra for a delivery service that was more environmentally-friendly.

A new research report ‘Sustainability in the Australian Retail Supply Chain’ commissioned by Manhattan Associates, Shippit and Greener – in partnership with the National Retail Association (NRA) and National Online Retail Association (NORA), also revealed 60% of Australian consumers are open to receiving a delivery at a later date if it meant that it was delivered more sustainably.

Two-thirds of Australians are willing to pay more for a sustainable delivery option, with 80% happy to wait longer.

This route, could also allow retailers to tailor delivery dates and times better for the environment and for the customer, empower the buyer and add a feel-good environmental factor to online shopping.

Fashion brand, The Iconic, is already doing just this, offering delivery timeslots within a 3 hour window, allowing consumers the choice to be able to confirm they will be home to receive a delivery. In this podcast with AddtoCart, CEO Erica Berchtold discusses the success of this option.

eCommerce businesses need to implement environmentally friendly practices to take steps towards sustainable business practices – shoppers are more environmentally conscious than ever before and consumers are looking to support businesses that are attempting to do their part to mitigate their environmental footprint.