Digital Onboarding

Digital onboarding is the process of using online tools and software to get new customers added to your database, and research has found that digital onboarding can see a 50-60% increase in conversion when compared to traditional onboarding.

Throughout the process, customers are able to get familiar with your product or service from wherever they’re located, rather than in your store or office.

The digital onboarding process usually requires some type of identification or authentication from the customer to prove they are who they say they are. This may include personal data, like an email address, birthday, or social security number. Or, in some cases, biometric information, like a fingerprint or face scan.

Digital onboarding also relies heavily on automation to streamline processes such as customer signups, purchases, and inquiry resolution; distribution of an onboarding questionnaire for new client data gathering; product information sharing via instructional videos and knowledge bases.

Digital onboarding speaks to the consumer’s desire to have a seamless, customized experience when interacting with a business.

They can begin the process when they want and take the time they need to get acquainted, all at their own pace.

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