Consumer fatigue affecting brand retention

In a sea of offers, personalisation grabs customer attention — and keeps it.

When faced with information overload, instead of being driven to purchase, consumers can become fatigued, delaying decision-making — or so paralysed by choice that they never make one at all — causing conversion rates to plummet. And brands that opt for a blanket approach to marketing risk losing their customers’ interest and dollars.

With shoppers offered more choices than ever, and brands taking a “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” approach, brands aren’t giving customers what they really want (and need) to make purchasing decisions with confidence.

What they need is personalised recommendations and content relevant to their interests. In the new year, smart brands will commit to a new strategy — prioritizing focused communications that rise above the noise to both capture attention and increase customer retention.

A simplified approach to marketing may be just what brands need to help customers focus and keep conversion rates high.

Luxury home goods brand Karen Jai Home has already adopted this strategy for an impressive 62x ROI on SMS marketing campaigns.

Using this strategy, when sending a promotion, the brand zeroes in on just one product — which has no variations in size, colour, or other attributes — so that the only choice a customer has to make is whether or not they want to buy.

Janelle Langford, Founder & Creative Director of Karen Jai Home, comments on their success using this strategy, “The simplicity of it really helps the customer focus and consider more easily than having five options to consider. It allowed us to take away discounts and just focus on the product.”

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