Australia aiming for 1.2 Million Tech Jobs by 2030

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The Australian Government and the Australian tech sector have a shared commitment to achieve 1.2 million tech jobs in Australia by 2030, a goal critical to improving Australia’s living standards and to creating economic opportunity for Australians.

In a report released recently by the Tech Council of Australia (TCA), they state that “…the tech sector has experienced strong growth in the last decade, and is now the seventh biggest employer. In 2020, during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, 65,000 tech jobs were created despite global headwinds.”

According to to TCA’s report Australia will require:

  • 223,000 digital technicians and workers (including software programmers and cyber security specialists),
  • 585,000 technical professionals (including software programmers and cyber security specialists),
  • 253,000 creative and commercial workers, and
  • 140,000 operational support workers in HR and legal professions, among others.

While Australia is on track to create these jobs, filling them will be challenging. Australia will need to employ an additional 653,000 tech workers to meet this goal by the end of the decade.

As the economy becomes increasingly digital, missing out on this opportunity would leave Australia – and Australians – behind.

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