Why not use Facebook Store to sell your product when you can?

While Facebook is known as a free social platform where people can upload photos and videos to keep in touch with their loved one, it presents a great opportunity to business to maximize their reach to potential customers and online presence. According to Roy Morgan, more and more of us shop on Facebook frequently. So why not sell your product on Facebook when many customers are having itchy fingers?

What is Facebooks Store

A Facebook Store is a Facebook business page tab application where your potential customers can buy products on your Facebook Page directly. It allows customers to browse, share and purchase your products without having to leave their Facebook windows!

The beauty of using Facebook Store

Before diving into the steps on setting up your business content page, many of you may wonder what you can get out of this. Without further ado, let’s check out what does it have to offer!

We’ll start with Facebook advertising . It is relatively easy to use, allowing you to achieve whatever your marketing goals are. There are primarily three types of objectives, and more specific sub goals under each objective are available, for you staying focus on your goals. Several post formats are also available to choose from to help increase the quality and success of your posts.

  • Awareness objective is to get people attention
  • Consideration objective is to get people to engage
  • Conversion objective is to get people to act

Like what you can with Google Analytics, you can use Facebook Insight to track your website traffics so you can see who is looking at your Facebook store, when and what are they looking at as well as the information you need to further improve your business. In short, Facebook insight will strength your game by accurately identifying your audience demographics in an efficient manner. Therefore, you will be able to promote your products and services at the best times with the well received post style within the community. What a convenient tool.

The set-up of Facebook Store

The setup of a Facebook store is relatively simple and easy. What you need is your business name and description. Also keep in mind that a quality decent photo that well represents your business as a profile photo does a better job than a big chunk of text. Once you to decide how you want to showcase your products, you are all good to go wild. Alternatively, you can save time and hassle by working with a third party to better manage your page.