State of the Digital Nation – MYOB

MYOB undertake a quarterly national survey of Australia’s business owners that looks at business outlook, perceptions of current and future business performance, and more.  This survey has lead to the recent publication of their MYOB Business Monitor Digital Nation Infographic – and we think it’s great!


Here are some of the key points we took away from it:


43% of Australian SMEs don’t have an online presence.

This is staggering!  Think of all the potential business enquiries they are missing out on.


38% of Australian SMEs are accepting payments online from their customers.

This is a fairly significant amount – if you’re not already, could you be accepting payments online to make things easier for your client base?  Could this then give you an edge over your competition?


SME’s with a website are 56% more likely to see an annual revenue rise.  

We definitely agree with this one as we have seen examples through our eCommerce clients who launch online stores and slowly see a large portion of their online orders coming from the Eastern states, as overnight they have been given access to a whole new market.


And to finish off, we loved MYOB’s top 5 reasons to embrace online technologies:

    1. Improve financial performance
    2. Boost productivity
    3. Attract new customers and keep customers loyal
    4. Make your business more competitive
    5. Be found online – where consumers are