Social Commerce to push online sales

Have you heard of social commerce? If you haven’t you should read on – its changing the way the eCommerce game is played!

DBG spots ‘social commerce’ web trend for 2010
Thursday, 07 January 2010 00:00

Australian website specialist DBG Technologies expects businesses this year will equip their websites with “social commerce” technologies to boost sales through greater customer involvement.

DBG managing director Daniel Wilson said more businesses were ordering websites that could include product reviews, ratings and customer feedback. “These websites encourage consumer interaction,” he said. “When used well, these initiatives have the ability to build trust, credibility and loyalty among consumers, making them more likely to purchase from the site.

“Focusing on feedback and other metrics such as page layout, click patterns and sales conversion ratios, businesses can monitor the online behaviour of their customers and make adjustments to their sites accordingly. The net effect is more sales and greater profitability for the business.

“This social commerce functionality also works for the consumer who is able to find information more easily as well as read reviews, testimonials, product ratings and other security measures that give them peace of mind when purchasing.”

Founded in 2001, DBG Technologies is an Adelaide company that specialises in designing and developing e-commerce websites. DBG recently launched WebSync, an eCommerce engine to support the national network of resellers for Australian IT distributor Leader Computers. WebSync provides resellers with a customer self service-equipped website that draws live data about products, prices and stock availability from Leader’s core business system.

Mr. Wilson said the economic turbulence of 2009 had shown companies the shortcomings of a “brochureware” website. “Businesses will focus more on converting sales with their websites rather than having basic, brochure-style websites with little or no interactivity,” he said.

“Already we’ve seen more businesses wanting websites that are a tool for sales by first ensuring the conversions as customers request websites with fewer bells and whistles, such as Flash animation.

“This trend is evident in the increasing demand for websites that integrate with back-end business systems, so visitors to the website see live data from the store, product catalogues or point-of-sale software. We’re also finding businesses are now seeking iPhone applications, mobile-friendly websites and online services to give visitors more choices about how they seek information.”

Press Release thanks to Impress Media