Shopify Editions 2024 Update

Promising 100+ foundation product updates, the latest Shopify update is here. Some of awaited updates include product merchandising, semantic search, checkout extensibility, streamlined one-page checkout design, increased bundle offerings, and over 90 new apps to improve checkout experience.

Product Merchandising
Powering more complex products and attributes
Improvements on how all products, even the most complex, are listed and discovered on Shopify with the largest update to their product model in over a decade, includes a new app for merchandising products that come in multiple colors and styles, a new product taxonomy, and more.

Combined Listings 
Products that come in multiple colors or styles can all be merchandised from a single parent listing, each variation with its own description, media gallery, and URL with the Combined Listings App.

Rich Attributes for each product category
The updated taxonomy maps each standard product category to a rich set of associated attributes, making it easier to create, classify, and organize products, and automatically generate variants.

2000 Variants per product 
New product APIs to unlock up to 2,000 variants per product to better support more complex catalogs. (Available in developer preview, and to select businesses in 2024).

View and bulk edit variants grouped by option 
Manage multiple variants all at once with our updated variants card. You can also now view and in-line edit price and availability information for both single and multiple inventory locations.

Colour Swatches 
Make it easier for your buyers to find and buy your products by adding color or pattern swatches directly on your product listing.

Access all of your media files across Shopify 
Images, videos, and 3D models can now all be accessed in a single file picker available on the Products and Variants pages. Create or edit products without needing to re-upload existing media files.

Add and edit metaobjects directly in the online store editor
You can now add a new metaobject, or edit an existing definition, for your configured metaobject-powered pages directly from the online store editor.

Semantic Search
Smarter searching that better understands a customer’s intent.
Exclusive to Shopify Plus, Semantic Search, one of the new AI-powered storefront search features, goes beyond keyword matching to better understand the intent behind a customer’s search. Customers can use more natural words and phrases, and get richer, more relevant results.

Swatch filters in the Search & Discovery app
Add visual filters for swatches to the filter options shown on Collection and search result pages, so customers can easily find products that come in certain colors, patterns, or materials.

Configure filter logic in the Search & Discovery app
Customize your filter logic so customers can find products that match multiple values, like jackets that are both “waterproof” and “insulated.” Plus, choose how you’d like to display filters in a scenario where filtering leads to no product results.

Shopify Subscriptions app now in full release
Increase customer lifetime value and predictable revenue by offering your products as subscriptions with our new, free subscriptions app. Easily set up and manage subscriptions directly from Shopify admin and give your customers the flexibility to modify or skip subscription orders directly from their account.

Checkout Extensibility
Checkout Extensibility is the way to customize the highest-converting checkout on the internet. It’s now even more powerful with 14 new APIs and UI components and is also supported on the Thank You and Order Status pages. Exclusive to Shopify Plus. Upgrade from checkout.liquid now, get started with your personalized customizations report.

Other updates include:
Bundles of up to 30 products
We’ve increased the maximum number of products you can offer in a bundle from 10 to 30. Merchants who use Shopify Scripts can now also use Shopify’s bundle offering to increase their average order value.

Draft orders support discounts and Metafields
Drive more sales with support for discount codes, automatic discounts, and the ability to combine discounts in draft orders. Metafields from your draft orders will now also carry over to completed orders.

Streamlined one-page checkout design
Our new, streamlined one-page checkout reduces buyer completion times by 4 seconds, while our infrastructure improvements have accelerated checkout loading speeds by up to 95%.

Over 90 new apps to elevate the checkout experience 
Customize your checkout with 90+ apps added to the Shopify ecosystem of 400+ apps since the Summer ’23 Edition. Unlock features like upsells, loyalty programs, post-purchase surveys, conversion tracking, and custom content.