Maximising The Online Shopping Experience For Your Customers

So what can you do as an online retailer to help minimise an online shopper’s frustrations and make the experience a great one?

While online shopping has brought with it many joys for me….. Unrestricted

shopping hours, access to stores in other states or countries, and the quick browsing of a few sites for the cheapest price or some interesting reviews…. It also brings a few issues and frustrations.

So what can you do as an online retailer to help minimise an online shopper’s frustrations and make the experience a great one?

1. Delivery – Be Clear
You see, I’m the sort of person who likes the instant gratification of paying for something and having it that very minute (I was never very good with the whole lay-buy concept). But online shopping means that I don’t get my item the second that the money leaves my bank account…. State clearly on your website estimated delivery timeframes; maybe even incorporate this information into an FAQ area. Give people their parcel number so they can track their item online. Put the estimated timeframe into your automated order email and give people a direct phone number or email address to use if they are concerned about their delivery. This works to help the impatient people, and the born ‘worriers’.

2. Presentation is Important
By shopping online, you miss out on the experience of the Shop Assistant packaging things up for you, and quite often things arrive in unattractive postage parcel bags. Don’t forget that your onlune shoppers are just as important as those in your store – so remember to package your items with care. Sometimes it might be as simple as wrapping items with tissue paper to protect the fabric? Or even tying a ribbon around the box? Not only is your customer excited to receive their item, it’s also like unwrapping a present – and everyone loves presents!!

3. Give Your Customer a Gift
Think about how you can go the extra mile to leave a lasting impression with your customers. It could be a complimentary sample of another item? Or even a promotional product with your logo – a keyring or a pen? You’d be amazed at how something incredibly small and relatively inexpensive can have a lasting effect on people. I’m still using a little rubber keyring that I got with my last perfume order. Sure, it probably only cost a few dollars and I spent over $100 on products – but it was a pleasant surprise that got me talking.

4. Pay Attention to your Paperwork
You could go to all the trouble in the world to wrap the item and package it with care, but something like a boring packing slip or invoice can really take the shine off things. The best paperwork I’ve ever received after shopping through a website came emblazoned with the company’s logo, it was in full colour, and provided very detailed instructions for returning the item in case I had happened to order the wrong size – including an Exchanges & Returns form for me to fill out. They also included a 10% discount code for me to use with my next purchase. How thoughtful!

Overall, it’s not only about allaying the frustrations of an online shopper – but it’s also about creating an ‘experience’ on the website and continuing that experience offline to encourage engagement with shoppers. Engagement with a shopper is exactly what you’re looking for as it will result in repeat purchase, and hopefully postive word of mouth and more new shoppers!