Heatlie Case Study

Heatlie Barbecues are a proud, family-owned and run business who design and manufacture their barbecues in Australia to guarantee that every barbecue they make will be as tough as the last. Their BBQs have a reputation for feeding entire communities on a regular basis while lasting for decades in the process.

The Technology
The foundational website was launched in 2017 and has experienced significant growth over the past 5 years. In recent times Heatlie have streamlined their manufacturing processes using the cloud-based ERP platform Unleashed, and were now ready to integrate the platform with website products, inventory, and order fulfilment. Heatlie and DBG worked together to understand the future eCommerce goals and, after careful consideration, decided to utilise the Unleashed to Shopify connector and migrate the existing website data to Shopify.

The Challenge
Heatlie’s range of fully customisable products, allow a choice of options including size, colour, material, and gas type. These complex, configurable product types required adjustments to the product price and SKU to ensure a smooth fulfilment process, while maintaining a simple, easy to navigate user experience.

While moving platforms LiveCube to Shopify, the migration of the data was also a challenge with complex product combinations, categories, customers, stockist, and blog posts and many custom migration scripts needed to be developed.

The Strategy
Extensive research and proof of concept development led to the selection of a custom product builder app that met the complex price and SKU requirements, while maintaining enough flexibility and customisable components to deliver user experience expectations for the BBQ builder.

The Unleashed Shopify connector was configured and tested for product, inventory, and sales order requirements.

The Results
The Shopify site was launched successfully and within a few minutes new orders arrived, and within days the sales began increasing rapidly.