Blekko – a new day in search

Founded by Rich Skrenta, the new specialty search engine Blekko has been launched to the public today.

Blekko is a ‘vertical search engine’, meaning that it allows you to search within a specific segment of online content, such as legal, political, media and travel.  In contrast, Google is considered a ‘horizontal search engine’.  The major difference between the two is that a horizontal or general search engine will index large portions of the web using their various trawlers, whereas vertical search engines only index pages that are seen as relevant to a pre-defined set of topics.

Blekko allows a user to conduct a vertical search by introducing ‘slashtags’.  There is currently 20 built-in slashtags, and 10 slashtag shortcuts.  If a slashtag hasn’t been created for an area that you’re interested in – you can simply make your own.  Examples of slashtags from the Blekko site include:

• /people – will limit results to pages associated with a person
• /date – will list search results by most recent
• /blogs – will limit search results to just blog sites
• /noporn – will remove any results from adult website.

Many in the online world are welcoming an extra ‘player’ in the search market that has long been dominated by two major players – Google and Bing/Yahoo.  However Blekko is in no way positioning itself as major competition for these two giants.  Instead, it is offering a unique feature that may draw users in when they’re wanting to see skewed or filtered search results.

Check it out for yourself at and be sure to comment on this post to let us know what you think!