AI: Automation, Optimisation, Personalisation

Customers have been interacting with AI for years—but may
not have realised it.

eCommerce platforms, paywalled websites,
web browsers and other online resources use generative AI to
produce auto-fill transaction flows for customers. And, many
organisations use the same kinds of tools, such as ChatGPT, to
create consistent product descriptions that improve SEO rankings and automate repetitive tasks. AI-driven chatbots have also become a common first-line of support on a variety of sites, answering common user queries quickly and efficiently.

AI-based data can help you identify and design the best way to interact with customers across channels and devices and create seamless, personalised customer experiences. By tailoring your messaging and automatically configuring it to fit the customer (mobile ads, mobile screens, site banners, etc.), you can also guide customers to discovering and purchasing products.

Additionally, using these tools, you can also develop a natural language generation and content optimisation strategy to create content in the specific voice, style, and tone that suits the brand.

Delving deeper, AI can also analyse website traffic data to identify trends and patterns in consumer behaviour and suggest targeted advertising campaigns, and predictive modeling can analyse past campaign performance data, and create data-based insights.

Machine learning (ML) can help organisations improve customer segmentation. AI helps optimise remarketing strategies by using ML to interpret data around users’ purchase history and identify patterns that can help predict future purchase behavior. Machine learning reduces cycles and boosts precision by
finding obvious and hidden patterns in the data that identify different subsets of your customers.

Make informed decisions about key business actions, such as when to communicate with a customer. Use customer data to identify when the recipient profile is most likely to engage with a communication (e.g., open an email or click a push message), this data can then inform send times for future messaging.

As always, when it comes to generative AI, proofread, edit, and double check the work before you incorporate it into your campaign.

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