Using Tweetburner to track clicks on your Twitter links

If you’ve ever wondered how to tell how many people click on a link you’ve posted on Twitter, well here’s the answer – you can use Tweetburner! Tweetburner is a third party website, not affiliated with Twitter in anyway but provides a neat little service that both shortens the URL’s (website address) of the site you want to link to, saving you valuable characters in your “Tweet” as you only have 140 to use as well as counting how many people click your link.

You will need to create a Tweetburner account – it’s easy if you use the same username as your Twitter account. You can then start sharing links right away!

To check how many people have clicked on a link you’ve posted, all you need to do is simply log in to Tweetburner, click on the “Archive” menu item on the main menu which will display alist of shared URLs and the number of clicks for each one. There is also a little graph icon that allows you to see a line graph of clicks over a selected time period.

The only thing Tweetburner doesn’t do, is track “Unique” individual clicks, so if someone clicks your link twice they will be counted twice, so keep that in mind when checking how many clicks you’ve received.

We hope this helps you in your social sharing, marketing and measuring endeavors. Happy link sharing!