So Many Social Media Outlets – You Need a Strategy!

With a new social media platform appearing nearly every few months – there’s Twitter, Facebook, Tunblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram – just to name a few!  Learning how to engage your audiences through all of these platforms is a challenge facing most business owners.

Each social network has its own features, strengths, and best practices, but as you’re using them to attract new audiences, you still want to make sure people are getting a consistent message about what your brand is all about. The brands with the best social media presence that are also able to create compelling, relevant content, engage their audience in meaningful ways, and leverage the strengths of each platform they’re working on—all while always telling the same brand story will be very successful in building an audience and converting that audience to customers.

Paige Rowett from The Gen Y Project outlines below the best way to setup and maintain your Social Media Strategy:


How to create a winning social media strategy