What image format should I use on my website?

A question we often get asked as website designers is “What is the right image format to use on my website?”, or “What’s the difference between a JPG, PNG or GIF?”, or “What is a vector image?”.

Let’s be honest – there’s a myriad of different file extensions out there and it can all get quite confusing!

Below is a comprehensive infographic from the team at Stedas that will answer all of these questions and more.  We love this because it comprehensively covers the 3 most popular image formats: their properties, their usage, and their pros and cons.

So here you go, the Beginner’s Guide to Web Image Formats:

Beginner's Guide to Web Image Formats

Source:  http://stedas.hr/infographic-beginners-guide-to-web-image-formats.html