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Responsive Websites DevelopmentResponsive Websites

Give your customers the ultimate viewing experience of your website, no matter what device they view it on, without the need to manage multiple sites. Get a responsive website design.

Why a responsive website?

You've probably heard a lot about the emergence of mobile internet browsing, and how more users will be browsing the internet on a portable device than a desktop PC by 2013 - but have you heard about responsive websites?

A responsive website uses a dynamic website design that remains consistent with the branding of your current site, but uses a "grid layout" to dynamically update its look to suit a range of smaller screen sizes, making your site easier to navigate, and quicker to load on any PC, iPad, tablet or smart phone.

Difference between responsive and mobile websites?

A responsive website is different to a stand alone mobile website as it encompasses your "normal" PC screen size design as well as those of smaller, portable devices, where a mobile site is a separate site that runs independently of your main site.

If you're interested in a responsive website for your business, whether its a new site or upgrading your existing site, you can talk to us today on 08 7123 2848 or visit our Contact page and and enquire online.


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