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ASC Training & Development is conveniently located on bustling North Terrace in Adelaide's CBD, and has been delivering courses and training since 1996.

Having recently undergone a complete rebrand through local design agency China Shop and a thorough audit of their existing online presence, ASC believed that they were ready for a complete online revamp.

The Brief

  • Reflect the new branding in a fresher design layout.

  • Offer a content management system that will give ASC more control over the website content.

  • Have clear calls-to-action that encourage people to engage and interact with the website.

  • Use targeted content and design elements to tap into the key website user groups that were identified through the online audit.

  • Create a unique layout for the Course pages that allows for important information to be displayed in an easy to digest format,

  • Integrate the website mailing list sign-up form with ASCís existing MailChimp account.

  • Incorporate links to ASCís social media outlets.

  • Make the website usable on all devices Ė from PCs, to tablets, to smartphones.

The Method

Web Design: Given that ASC Training had just undergone a complete rebrand, we had an excellent branding package to work with. Not only were the logo and associated fonts more modern, but the colours really lent themselves towards a sleeker, fresher website design. The grey colour was used as the base for the background of the site and the main menu, with orange and teal being used as highlights for important content items.

This can be seen in the two orange areas on the right of the homepage, dedicated to Individuals and Business Owners or Managers. These two groups were identified during our online audit as having quite different needs from engaging with the ASC Training website. As such, we felt that they needed to be captured at the homepage and directed to a page with unique content that tapped into the emotion behind that person's decision to look at the ASC Training website.

The design of the site also needed to take into account that the website needed to be functional on all devices - so responsiveness was the way to go. Throughout the design we factored in how the various content items would shrink and move when the design was being viewed on a smaller device.

Content Management System (CMS): The C3 Content Management System, based on the Orchard platform, was selected to power the ASC Training website. The easy-to-use content management system allows the ASC Training team the ability to edit all pages on the website, insert News items, update the rotating banner on the homepage, embed YouTube clips into pages, hyperlink to other websites, insert pictures into pages, embed PDF documents such as course brochures, and more.

Customisations were made to the Course Management area of the content management system so as to allow ASC Training to manage that content differently. Fields were setup to allow for the easy entering of content. For example, the 4 key items across the top of a course page:

4 Key Items

The Result

ASC Training & Development have been empowered with a website that is reflective of their new branding, is controllable from within a powerful CMS, is search-engine friendly, and is usable on all devices.

What the Client Says

"We engaged the services of Tamara and the team at DBG to overhaul and design a new website for us at ASC Training & Development. Our website was old, tired and out of date. After meeting with Tamara, we felt confident that DBG would be able to provide new, creative ideas and manage the process from start to finish.

Tamara and her team provided clear communication throughout the process and assisted us in ensuring the site looked as we had requested and had the functionality for our staff to manage. I would not hesitate in recommending Tamara and her team. Their customer service is outstanding and they worked closely with our staff each step of the way. We felt confident throughout the whole process of their ability to produce a superb website!"

Sharon Ayris, Chief Executive Officer - ASC Training & Development


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