What’s a Web-Friendly Font?

Ok let’s start with what a web-friendly font is – “they are fonts that are likely to be present on a wide range of computer systems, and used by web designers to increase the likelihood that their content will be displayed in their chosen font.”

Basically this means that if a web designer chooses to use a non-web-friendly font, there is the potential that there will be compatibility issues and certain website users won’t see the chosen font.  These users will instead possibly see a different looking website.  For example:

So which ones can you use?  There are five primary fonts that web browsers are capable of displaying properly in every website browser:

Of course there is a much larger group of web-friendly fonts available, but these are the ‘universal’ fonts where you can’t go wrong.

When DBG is designing a website for a new client, we’ll take care to go through their branding style guide (if they have one!) and see what fonts are used.  If their chosen font isn’t a web-friendly one, it’s not all bad news – as we can quite often find one that is extremely similar in appearance.

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  1. Christa Joe Reply

    Designers can also choose to use Google Fonts api in their web apps so when a user requests for a page the desired fonts are first stored into the cache of the web browser and then displayed on the window of the user. Moreover, next time when a user access the same page, the need to request for the desired font file into the browser is vanished as they are already stored into the cache.

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