The Difference Between Print And Web Design

Through my line of work in the Web industry I have largely expanded my knowledge on what I already know about design. It is obvious that web differs from print design, but there are so many important factors we do not take into account when designing for each medium.

Online Entrepreneur – sound like your dream job?

By big ideas, we’re not talking about innovation, we’re not talking about solid business ideas, we’re talking about people who want to build “the next Facebook”, or “the next Ebay”. This is always an exciting time for us, as we love to listen to these new ideas because we are encouraged by the creativity of these people and their motivation to build ‘the next big thing’.

Meet our new Business Development Manager

We’re excited to announce the recent appointment of our new Business Development Manager, Tamara. Feel free to read the press release from the Impress Media website below outlining her appointment.

Web Design Adelaide

The new DBG Technologies Web Design Adelaide blog is here! We will be filling it with loads of wonderful goodies to help businesses in Adelaide, South Australia improve their websites! Stay tuned! DBG Technologies, Websites, Done Right.