Kick Goals This Year On Your Website

As part of our day to day job here at DBG, we get to view a wide variety of Google Analytics accounts; and it amazes us at how many new clients we receive that do not have any goal tracking set up for their website. Your website is an online investment in your business and without setting up goals and tracking them you will not be able to measure the ROI of your online business efforts.

It’s easier than you think.


What Is A Website Goal?

A website goal is a certain outcome that you desire your website visitors to undertake in order to achieve commercial value. It might be the purchase of a product, a subscription to a newsletter or making a blog comment.

It’s important to define the goals of your website so that you can create the appropriate tracking systems within the Google Analytics environment so you can understand the performance of your website. With correct consideration and installation of website goals, a full ROI calculation can be undertaken for each of your marketing strategies.

A wealth of marketing and consumer behaviour can be generated by accurately creating website goals.

The below example is for an ecommerce store in which we can correlate sales data to traffic data. This enables accurate ROI of all marketing channels.

Here’s another view for a local business that wishes to track leads. You’re also able to relate back leads to each traffic source; even down to the Google keyword level or City.


What Types of Website Goals Can I Track?

Website Pages
The simplest type of a website goal is when a visitor reaches a certain page, this can be a ‘thank you for purchasing’ page or a ‘thank you for subscribing’ page.

Time of site or Pages/Visit
A goal can be set when a visitor spends a certain amount of time on your website, or visits a certain number of pages/visit.  These are known as engagement goals.

On Click Events
On click events can be tracked as a goal, and suggestions may include the following:
• Downloading a PDF file
• Clicking a link to another website
• Playing a video on your website


What Are Your Primary Website Goals?

Primary goals are generally your main source of revenue for the website, generally the purchase of a product or lead generating form.

To reach this goal, are there multiple channels?
This generally arises in an ecommerce store where there are multiple payment options, if these channels are mapped out they are able to be constructed into ‘sales funnels’ with the Google Analytics environment. Here’s an example of a sales funnel:

Understanding when customers drop out of the sales funnel is key in conversion analysis. Simple adjustments such as adding trust elements to the cart page can push users through to a successful sale.


How Can DBG Help?

The first step in our SEO service is to ensure that you are tracking the right goals for your business. This involves a face to face meeting to map out & create your web goals within Google Analytics – depending on the complexity of the goals it varies in developer time.

Once the goals are created, it comes down to a few days of testing. Once we’re 100% happy that goal tracking is working, we create custom Google Analytics reports based upon what information you require. An example of this might be:

  • Weekly report on sales data on each Australian city
  • Monthly report on the number of leads from Facebook referral traffic
  • Daily report on website PDF downloads
  • Report on which pages have been shared on which social network

As you can see our web analytics conversion analysis services are just a small part of our full SEO service.

For more information on how we can set this up for your website, just get in touch with us on 1300 723 618.