In March this year, Microsoft released the latest version of its popular web browser – Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).

Only compatible with Windows 7 or Windows Vista, IE9 was introduced with a range of benefits including improved loading speeds, a download manager, integrated search, and a host of security features that make it ‘safer’ than previous releases.  Users will also notice from an aesthetic point of view that IE9 has also cut back on their buttons and toolbars, making the screen space even larger.

However, as with every new browser release – certain software and websites just aren’t compatible with it.  Many website owners have noticed:

–  Menus, images or text are in the wrong positions
–  Certain website features don’t work
–  Script error messages appear on some sites

Unfortunately these sorts of issues are unavoidable for web designers and developers – we never know what Microsoft is going to bring out next and how it will affect the sites that we build.  The good news is that most issues can be easily fixed, so if you notice a slight compatibility issue when using Internet Explorer 9 – contact your web team and see what they can do!

Also interesting to note – Internet Explorer 10 is already in Beta, so who knows when we can expect the next update to come through!