Google has always been a company pushing the limits of development and innovation and recently a new project codenamed “Caffeine”, has been getting a bit of attention.

Caffeine isn’t a new search engine but instead, is the next evolvement of the current Google search engine. Caffeine has been best described as making some modifications “under the hood”.

Google’s Matt Cutts mentions in a video interview with Web Pro News that engineers were working hard to ensure that the user experience would remain largely the same, but as with any upgrades and modifications there were bound to be some instances where rankings appear a little differently.  It’s expected that the interface will remain the same but that some power users would probably notice some differences in search results where regular users would remain largely unaffected.

As for whether this is a response to the release of Bing, Matt mentions that Google have had a team of engineers working on Caffeine for months and that this update was in the works long before Bing was announced.

Google “Caffeine” is technically a re-writing of the indexing system that creates the large database of web pages from around the globe. Basically it means Google will find, index and rank data much faster and allow real time and semantic indexing to be a lot more powerful. To make sure that everyone is happy with the updates Google have released a version of Caffeine in the Google sandbox and are asking searchers to provide feedback on their observations, you can test it out here.

As Google is accepting feedback on the changes, they expect a slow, incremental deployment of Google “Caffeine” over the coming months to make sure it’s a win / win for everyone involved.

We guess only time will tell how the updates are received and will be interesting to keep an eye on searcher activity on Bing as these two internet giants battle to be the King of Search. However for now that crown remains firmly placed upon Google’s head!