Bing is the latest search offering from Microsoft. The Bing search engine has taken over from Live Search and seems to have taken a leaf out of Google’s book and gone for simplicity rather than overwhelming searchers with features they rarely use.

Although I’m not sure on the background image behind the search box and menu items, it seems to take me back to the gradient fadeouts from the late 90’s, all we need is some over bevelled buttons and giant shadows to complete the effect. Perhaps Bing is aiming for the retro audience re-living the old days and if so – good on them!

One very cool feature of Bing is the video search. When you hover over each video thumbnail in the results the video thumbnail begins to play. This can take you by surprise though if the speakers are up loud!

Like Google Maps, Bing also has the uniquely named BingMaps with integrated yellow pages business listings. So if you’re in the yellow pages online directory try out BingMaps in your area and see if you can find yourself!

Overall the search engine is fast and efficient and gives some very good results and it’s worth giving it a shot, ultimately it’s going to come down to personal preference and ease of access for most users.

To try Bing visit: