This week we received an email from Adam Basheer of Fit4Market that discussed ‘Agile Planning’.

At first it just sounds like another one of those buzz words that gets thrown around in the world of business – much like ‘synergy’ or ‘granulate’…  however, agile planning is actually a very relevant and topical idea in our fast-moving world.

From Adam:

“As an example, if you are developing a piece of software you may have scoped it out very specifically and then realised it will take you 18 months to develop. However, the market moves quickly and so by the time your software is ready for launch the market requires something different to what you first scoped. So becoming agile is the ability to change the scope in mid project to suit what the market requires.”


To read more on planning time-frames and tips for staying agile, read the full piece on the BPlan website:   Agile Planning.