On Thursday, 25th February, we invited 25 business owners from around Adelaide to join us for an early morning breakfast at the Lion Hotel in North Adelaide.  For getting up while it was still dark outside, our guests were rewarded with a delicious breakfast spread and some very strong coffees!

The event began with food, coffee and some light networking, before our internet marketing specialist – Luke –gave his presentation.

Considering that 79% of Internet users use the Internet to research the purchase of products and services, Luke’s presentation was focussed on the benefits of implementing a Google AdWords (or Pay Per Click) campaign within a business.

Luke highlighted the fact that Google AdWords uses the ‘pull’ approach, in that a business’ ad will appear only when their product or service is relevant to what the audience is searching for.  It provides a very high conversion rate, is highly measurable and has the potential to greatly increase business.  The presentation stimulated interesting discussion among attendees and provided some great questions for our presenter.

This breakfast event also coincided with the launch of our new Google AdWords (Pay Per Click) Management Campaigns.  These packages are specially tailored to assist different types of businesses to achieve online success through leveraging Google.