How to pick a great web design company

Recently DBG was lucky enough to present to a small group of business owners as part of the Brand Task Force.

The presentation was aimed at giving businesses a quick digital health check.  DBG chose to present on ’5 Tips For Getting a Great Website’, and in this 5 part blog series we’ll cover the information we presented.

The fifth and final installment gives a few handy pointers on selecting a great web design company for your project.


Go Local

Using a local company is definitely best.  Although it may appear financially attractive to outsource your website project internationally, that attractiveness will very quickly diminish when there are issues with the project.  You’ll soon realise that you can never meet face to face with your web developer, they may stop answering their phones and emails, and let’s not forget that you’re not covered by Australian laws anymore – these are the very laws designed to protect business operators.


Get an Open-Source CMS

Make sure that the company you select will use an open-source content management system to build your website on.  Open-source software is one where the source code is freely available so that other developers may be able to work on it.  This is useful in case the relationship with your web company ever goes sour, or if you simply decide to  hire an internal developer at some point.


Browse their Portfolio

Have a good look through their portfolio of work.  Do they have well-designed sites that you like the look of?  Do they have experience in your particular industry?  If not, do they have experience with other businesses of your type or size?


Check their Experience

Make sure you pick a company that is experienced.  This can obviously be gleaned by looking through their portfolio – but dig a little deeper and have a look at the About page of the company website.  How long have they been in business?  Who are the key personnel who might be working on your project and what are their skills/qualifications?


Pick Someone You Like

And last but not least, pick someone that you get a long with!  A website project can often be quite lengthy, and the relationship won’t stop when the website is launched as you’ll ideally continue to work together on the website.  So meet face to face with the person you’re thinking about working with, make sure that you ‘click’ at least on a business level so not only do they ‘get’ you, but you’ll also enjoy working together.