What Walking on Broken Glass Taught Me About Search Marketing

You’re probably wondering how on earth walking on broken glass has anything at all to do with search marketing. If I was you, I’d be wondering the same thing! On Saturday I attended a business leader’s workshop where we discussed going outside our comfort zones; an important step for any business owner looking to build their business

A preview of Google Instant Previews

Ever done a search on Google, and spent a while clicking on results – only to be disappointed with them and continually clicking ‘back’? Well this “pogosticking” within search results may soon be a thing of the past, with the launch of Google Instant Previews.

Blekko – a new day in search

Blekko is a ‘vertical search engine’, meaning that it allows you to search within a specific segment of online content, such as legal, political, media and travel. In contrast, Google is considered a ‘horizontal search engine’. The major difference between the two is that a horizontal or general search engine will index large portions of the web using their various trawlers, whereas vertical search engines only index pages that are seen as relevant to a pre-defined set of topics.

Google Instant – a review

Back in early September, Google launched ‘Google Instant’, which we blogged about here. Instant was designed to save time for searchers by automatically updating results as the searcher types more characters into the search field. While this new feature will only save the average user mere seconds each time they search, what other impacts has Google Instant had in the online world?

Why doesn’t my website show up in Google?

To encourage indexing to happen as quickly as possible, we submit all new websites that we create via Google’s ‘addURL’ form. However there is no guarantee that this will speed the process up, as there is literally tens of thousands of users doing this every day.

Google Caffeine

Google has always been a company pushing the limits of development and innovation and recently a new project codenamed “Caffeine”, has been getting a bit of attention.

Caffeine isn’t a new search engine but instead, is the next evolvement of the current Google search engine. Caffeine has been best described as making some modifications “under the hood”.