April Fools’ Day

Not only is today the first day of the month, it’s the first day of April which means April Fools’ Day. Each year we see many large, public brands enter the pranking fray – and some of them are pretty darn good. Here is a selection of our favourites for 2015.

Search the web on Bing using emoji

In an interesting move, search engine Bing has allowed users on the English version of their search engine to search the web using emojis. So what are emojis and what does this mean for website owners and the way users search?

Gmail Password Leak & Some Password Pointers

If you’ve recently received emails from Google stating that they’ve blocked a sign-in attempt to your Google Account, we would recommend changing your password. News went out this week that a list of almost 5 million passwords (with their associated addresses) were posted online to a Russian BitCoin forum.

The Heartbleed Bug & Your Website

You may have heard something in the news in the last week or so about the Heartbleed Bug. There’s been much panic about the security of websites and personal data, so we thought we’d give you a bit of information about what this bug is and if it should be of concern to you.

A New Era for Domains – ICANN’s Internet Overhaul

Ever wondered who gets to decide on things like generic top level domain (gTLD) names? We’re talking about the .com or the .org.au part of the web address. The answer is ICANN – the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. And this group have made international headlines this week with an announcement that is set to “unleash the global human imagination”.

A preview of Google Instant Previews

Ever done a search on Google, and spent a while clicking on results – only to be disappointed with them and continually clicking ‘back’? Well this “pogosticking” within search results may soon be a thing of the past, with the launch of Google Instant Previews.